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The best ones identified: a professional skills contest was held among the duty sections of the United Gas Rescue Team (OGSO)

From 28 to 31 October, PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim held a professional skills contest among the duty sections of the OGSO. 12 branch units attended the competition. The knowledge of unit leaders and gas rescuers in providing first aid to victims was assessed during the competition. Participants demonstrated professional skills in theoretical and practical competitions.

The combat readiness testing program of the duty sections included seven testing tasks: “Alarm response“, “Treatment of leaks”, “Search and carrying casualties”,“ Release of the injured”, “Fixing the bandage”, “Installation and removal of the plug”, “First aid to the injured." The correctness and sequence of the rescuer actions, as well as their efficiency were taken into account during their performance. A penalty time was added to the teams for each irregularity.

The gas rescuers of section No. 2, GSO-3 coped best with the tasks. The 4th section of the same duty section was awarded the second place. The third was for the representatives of GSO-2, section No. 4.

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