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PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim's central entrance gate opens after its renovation

With comfort and social distancing - the central gatehouse located at the territory of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim first industrial area was opened after its repair. This event was preceded by a hard and thorough work of several departments and services of the enterprise, led by the Department of Economic Security, Safety and Regime, as well as the Facilities Administration.

The project of the renovated A-2 security gatehouse was developed by specialists from the Company's Design Centre. They created the optimum layout of the security gatehouse, as well as the entrance junction, taking into account the existing rules for security and anti-terrorist protection at the facilities of fuel and energy complex.

The engineering idea was launched in June this year. OOO Trest Tatspetsneftekhimremstroy was the general contractor of the project. Its specialists performed a tremendous volume of work under tight deadlines - from dismantling the security gatehouse to erecting of new blocks for accommodation of a spacious entrance hall with an area of over 600 m2, household and service premises for the security company and the access control desk. According to the project, the workers expanded the area of the security gatehouse in order to increase its capacity and create comfortable conditions for the staff to pass through, as well as to maintain social distance and unobstructed passage of the plant's employees, which is particularly vital in the current context of the coronavirus infection spread.

For example, the entry checkpoint area was doubled - 12 full-height rotor turnstiles were installed instead of 6 turnstiles. They are equipped with proximity card readers and arch metal detectors. Additionally, monitors and barriers, as well as Metro-type swing doors were installed to ensure orderly human flow. For the convenience and comfort of the company's employees, the entrance hall will be heated during the cold period.

There is also an information board at the gatehouse area, which displays data on the date and the current air temperature. In addition, the entry checkpoint is decorated with a LED city board - a kind of electronic version of the Board of Honour - here one can see photos of petrochemists who made a great contribution to the development of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim.

The landscaping works performed at gatehouse area will be completed within the next few days - lawns will be arranged and lighting will be installed. At the same time, the finishing works on the building's facade cladding and the arrangement of the service and amenity rooms are underway.

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