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Bromobutyl rubber

Chemical name: Brominated isobutylene-isoprene copolymer

Technical requirements: TU 20.17.10-096-05766801-2017

Bromobutyl Rubber is obtained by bromination of butyl rubber with unsaturation of minimum 1.5 mol%.

Application: in tyre and mechanical rubber industries, to manufacture medical items.

Product form: 30 ± 1 kg bales

Packaging: Bales are wrapped in center-fold, tubular, band marked and unmarked EVA film, (0.050×750) mm, Vicat softening temperature 85°С max (or similar quality film).

Shipping package: Product is stored and shipped in polymer pallet boxes. Pallet box internal surface is covered with PE bag (liner) before loading; after loading the box is closed and wrapped with belt. Two shipping labels are applied to each box.

Transportation: All types of transport in accordance with goods shipping rules applicable to particular mode of transport.

Storage: Pallets with rubber are kept in maximum 3 level stacks. Product should be stored away from contamination, direct sunlight and rainfall.
Guaranteed shelf life - 1 year.

Bromobutyl rubber
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