PJSC 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim'


Chemical name: Polybutadiene

Technical requirements: TU 2294-140-05766801-2007

Product of solution polymerization of butadiene over organolithium catalyst.

Application: synthesis of high-impact polystyrene

Product form:

30 ± 1 kg bales

Bales package:

Non-marked L-type PS film, thickness (50.0 ± 10.0) µm or (60.0 ± 11.0) µm, width 750 mm.
Styrene butadiene film or bags, or EVA film may be used.



Bags are shipped in:
- Polybox containers
- wooden pallets

Pallet box internal surface is covered with PE bag (liner) to protect from contamination; after loading the box is closed and wrapped with belt. Two shipping labels are applied to each pallet box.


All types of transport in accordance with the applicable shipping rules.


PP woven bags with the product are kept in stacks of maximum 1.2 m height. Box pallets are stored in maximum 4 level stacks. Keep the product protected from contamination away from direct sunlight and rainfall.


Guaranteed shelf life - 1 year.

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