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POLYETHER PP-4003-2-16

Technical requirements: TU 2226-019-05766801-2005

Product of alcoholate copolymerization of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide on glycerin base, contains a special antioxidant system.
Polyether PP-4003-2-16 is intended for production of polyurethane materials for construction and furniture industry.

Supply form: Viscous transparent colorless to light-yellow liquid with no impurities and

Packaging: Cisterns or barrels.
Transportation: By all transport means.
Storage: Product should be stored in sealed storage tanks, storage areas under nitrogen pressure and sheltered warehouses at temperature not exceeding 40 °C.  Product may be stored sheltered or outdoors providing there is protection against direct sunlight, atmospheric precipitation, contamination and mechanical damage.
Guaranteed shelf life - 6 months from the date of production.

POLYETHER PP-4003-2-16
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