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Laprol 6003-2B-18

Technical requirements: TU 2226-020-10488057-94

Laprol 6003-2B-18 is a product of alcoholate polymerization of propylene oxide with glycerine followed by ethylene oxide block copolymerization.

Application: Product is used for production of microcell shock-absorbing polyurethane foams.

Product form: Viscous colorless to dark yellow liquid.

Packaging: Barrels of aluminum, steel, polyethylene, heated and non-heated rail car cisterns of stainless steel, aluminum and steel.

Transportation: By all transport means.

Storage: Storage in supplier’s waterproof packaging or customer’s tanks preventing from moisture.
Guaranteed shelf life - 6 months from the date of production.

Laprol 6003-2B-18
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