PJSC 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim'


Chemical name: Copolymer of ethylene, butene-1 and hexene-1

Technical requirements: TU 2211-145-05766801-2008

Product of gas phase copolymerization of ethylene, butene-1 and hexene-1 over organometallic catalyst complexes. It incorporates good strength properties, puncture resistance and high impact strength.

Application: manufacture of strong bags, packing for frozen foods and film for agricultural industry.

Product form: Pellets

Packaging: Product shall be packed into polyethylene bags (one bag net weight (25.00±0.25) kg) and bundled on flat pallets with shrink film. Gross weight of a bundle shall be max 2 tons.

PE may be packed into soft containers (big bags) sized for 400-1000 kg.

Upon agreement with a customer PE pellets may be bulk loaded into railway cars for pelletized polymeric materials, tipper trucks or loaded in bags to railway cars.

Transportation: All transport means.

Storage: Polyethylene shall be stored in enclosed dry space preventing from direct sun rays, on shelves or pallets at least 5 cm from the floor and at least 1 m from heaters, at temperature max 30оС and relative humidity max 80%.

Prior to processing, bags with polymer shall be conditioned for at least 12 hrs in production area.

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