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Bottom residue of benzene distillation (BRBD)

Technical requirements: ТU 2415-004-05766801-2003

BRBD is the waste benzene product which presents a mixture of alkylaromatic hydrocarbons.

Product grades: Grade A (hydrogenated fraction С9), Grade B (non-hydrogenated fraction С9) and Grade V (heavy fraction).

Grade A is used as a component for transport fuel formulating. Grade B is used as a diluent of heavy resins and hydrocarbon bottoms with high molecular weight as well as at production of polymeric petroleum resin. Grade V is applied as a raw material for polymeric petroleum resin, naphthalene, dicyclopentadiene, and for solvent production.

Product form: Clear, yellow to dark brown liquid.

Packaging: Road tanker, Rail tank cars

Transportation: Product shall be transported by roofed railway and motor transport.

Storage: According to GOST 1510

Bottom residue of benzene distillation (BRBD)
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