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Chemical name: Ethylene

Technical requirements: GOST 25070-87

Ethylene is produced in the process of pyrolysis of hydrocarbons. It is used for production of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, ethylene oxide, ethyl alcohol, ethylbenzene, acetic aldehyde and other organic products a well as for refrigerating units.

Supply form: Ethylene is a colorless inflammable gas that tends to explosive decomposition at the high pressure, high temperature or under the influence of open fire in the oxygen environment.

Packaging: The product is loaded into special railway tanks or tank trucks designed for positive pressure and into cylinders.

Transportation: Gaseous ethylene is carried through the pipeline, liquefied ethylene – by railway and road transport.

Storage: Ethylene should be stored in accordance with requirements of GOST 1510-84.

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