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Chemical name: Oxydipropanol

Technical requirements: ТU 2422-152-05766801-2009

Dipropylene glycol is diatomic alcohol obtained by liquid- phase uncatalyzed hydration of propylene oxide. It is used in production of different household and industrial products including non-toxic cooling liquids, hydraulic fluids as solvent and plasticizing agent in perfume manufacturing and cosmetic industry.

Supply form: Dipropylene glycol is water soluble transparent nonvolatile liquid with faint odor.

Packaging: Dipropylene glycol is filled in dry railway tank-cars, steel drums

Transportation: Dipropylene glycol in drums is transported by all means of covered transport. The product is also transported in bulk in rail-way tank-cars.

Storage: Dipropylene glycol shall be stored in steel containers Х18Н10Т under nitrogen blanket (GOST 9293 quality 1) or in sealed containers.

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