PJSC 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim'


Chemical name: Butene-1

Technical requirements: TU 2411-177-05766801-2015

Production: 1-Butene is produced in the course of oligomerization of ethylene, by rectification.

 Application: 1-Butene is intended for use in production of polyethylene as a co-monomer in ethylene (co)polymerization processes, alkylates, antioxidants, plasticizers, herbicides.

Supply form: 1-Butene at normal conditions is colorless gas, pressurized 1-butane is colorless thin liquid with characteristic odour.

Packaging: Railway tank cars designed for liquefied gas transportation

Transportation: Railway tank cars designed for liquefied gas transportation as per cargo transportation rules

Storage: 1-Butene shall be kept in stainless steel tanks. Epoxy dyes, zinc silicate-based dyes shall be used for tanks painting.
1-Butene shall be kept far from aerosols, combustibles, oxidizers, caustic materials and other fire-hazardous products. 1-Butene shall be kept in well-ventilated room, escaping sun rays, ignition sources and other thermal sources at ambient temperature.
Recommendations regarding tanks: tanks, even empty, may contain explosive fumes. Cutting, drilling, grinding, welding, etc. shall be prohibited on tanks and around them.

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