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Pupils of the school under patronage toured the production facilities of Nizhnekamskneftekhim under construction and weighed up the advantages of working at the enterprise

What products will be produced at the new EP-600 complex of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim, which is a part of the integrated company SIBUR, and how to become a part of the team of highly professional employees. Pupils of the 9th specialized petrochemical class, created on the basis of Nizhnekamsk multipurpose lyceum No. 37, were told about this and more during their tour around the industrial site. The tour was organized at the initiative of the HR Department of the Company and the administration of the complex under construction as part of the program for specialized Neftekhim-classes.

Familiarization of the pupils with the new plant began with a short story about the goals and objectives of the future complex. Andrey Egorov, the chief engineer of EP-600, showed the children a model of production, told in detail about the unique equipment and technologies of production. Then the pupils proceeded to the observation platform, where they could personally observe the process of the complex construction.

During the excursion pupils were also told what skills and personal qualities an employee must possess in order to work successfully in a particular division and at the enterprise as a whole. At PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim there are all conditions for a successful career start and self-growth - all that is needed is the desire and willingness to learn further.

In 2021, for the purpose of career guidance at the enterprise, the HR Department developed a program for opening specialized Neftekhim classes on the basis of sponsored educational institutions. One of them is now operating in Lyceum No. 37 and another one in School No. 36. Their foundation is aimed to provide the inflow of highly educated young people with good professional training to PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim. Teachers of Nizhnekamsk Chemical and Technological Institute, Lemayev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining, will join the educational process within the framework of the school program. Education in the profile class allows pupils to get acquainted with the real production already from their school years and motivates them to study subjects of physical and chemical cycle more profoundly in order to get self-realized when choosing their future profession and educational institution in the future.

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