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PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim Held Public Hearings on the Modernization of the Wastes Landfill

The hearings were held at the premises of the MBOU DO Children's Ecological and Biological Center by the videoconference. One hundred and forty five people attended the discussion.

Mr. Irek Aglyamov, First Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.

Mr. Oleg Grishakov, Deputy Chief Engineer for Environmental Protection, Head of the Environmental Safety Department, spoke about the company's sustainable development and environmental programs at PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim. He provided information on the project for the modernization of the wastes landfill, which is an important environmental protection facility, and its modernization will improve the ecological component of the Nizhnekamsk Region’s life.

Ms. Elena Petrova, Chief Engineer of SK Gidrokor LLC, made a report on the modernization project. She noted that the industrial waste landfill site was built according to the project of Giprokauchuk Design Institute and was put into operation in 1982. It is intended for storage of solid and slurred industrial waste of hazard classes III and IV. The waste landfill site is divided into two areas: a production area and a secondary area. The production area is a system of 48 map deposits isolated from each other.

As part of this modernization, it is intended to revamp the existing positive cut-off (diaphragm wall), that will ensure the protection of the soil and groundwater from the penetration of filtrate water from the landfill due to avoidance of the passage of groundwater through the landfill site and the release of contaminated water to the neighboring area. The changes will also affect the arrangement of the drainage system for collecting surface water, and the removal of leachate from the landfill. The regulating pond will also be modernized with an increase of the accumulating capacity and a platform for surface drainage, and collection of storm water will be equipped.

Revamp of eight waste disposal map deposits is planned to bring them in line with the current regulatory documents. The works include the leveling of the base of the areas with backfilling using uncontaminated soil, waterproofing of the bottom and slopes of the map deposits with geosynthetic materials.

Decommissioned will be 36 deposits. In this connection, reclamation actions will be carried out there.

The design solutions also provide for the modernization of the secondary areas of the landfill.

The activities scheduled in terms of the revamp are aimed at preventing and reducing the adverse effects of the facility on the environment (soil, surface and underground waters, atmospheric air), and to increase the service life of the landfill and bringing it up to environmental safety requirements. The scheduled timeline of the activities planned is maximum three years, including the phase of design and survey works.

Ms. Elena Petrova also noted that the finding based on the assessment materials for the impact of the project "Modernization of the Wastes Landfill" on the environment showed that the project documentation meets the requirements of the Russian environmental laws.

At public hearings, everyone could ask questions of interest and receive comprehensive answers to them.

The hearings were acknowledged valid, and the draft EIA was brought to the attention of the population. The project   "Modernization of the Wastes Landfill" was approved and supported almost unanimously: 134 people voted in favor, only 7 people abstained. 

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