PJSC 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim'

Social policy PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim”

Concentrating major efforts on production activities, PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” , at the same time, places high emphasis on solving social issues. Creating favorable labor conditions, diversified support and social security improvement for the employees and their families are the priority objectives of the Company's social policy.

Major priorities of the social programs are reflected in an annual Collective Agreement between the Company Administration and the Labor Union, which stipulates guarantees and social benefits in remuneration of labor, work time and recreation routine, labor and health protection, legal remedies; as well as in protection of socio-economic interests of the young and creating conditions to exercise cultural and sports-recreational activities.

2008 being declared as the Family Year, the Collective Agreement was complemented with a new section "Care for Mother and Child" providing for a one-time welfare to PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” female employees: RUR 10,000 when giving birth to a child, RUR 70,000 in case of twins and RUR 100,000 in case of triplets.

The Labor Collective Conference of January late pronounced all the 2008 Collective Agreement obligations as implemented; a decision was taken to include into the 2009 Collective Agreement a new section contemplating for a one-time grant to the families of the petrochemical employees bringing up handicapped children.

Medical care and recreation

In 2008, the Company actualized sanatorium vouchers amounting to over RUR 81.3m, including to Health Centre “Ship-Timber Grove”, Recreation Centre “Leafy Grove” which the Company maintains on its earnings. In 2008, more than 4,000 employees and their children restored their health at “Ship-Timber Grove”, nearly 2,300 vouchers were actualized to “Leafy Grove”. 2,848 children of NKNK employees went on vacation to the Company recreational camps for children and other regional sanatoria in summer 2008.

To ensure good quality and timely medical care for the employees, Management of PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” has entered into a Voluntary Health Insurance Agreement with Medical Insurance Company “Salvation” under which the Insurer shall arrange medical care services at the Town Hospitals No.2, No.3, Nizhnekamsk Region Central Hospital. In 2008, the Company allocated RUR 98.4m for that purpose.

Housing Program

Apartments are distributed among NKNK employees pursuant to the TR Social Mortgage Program through the State Housing Stock and subject to the in-house Regulations “Procedure to Provide Apartments”. All in all, two 143 apartment blocks were actualized last year.

In 2008, the Company allocated for housing construction RUR 211.1m, for social housing mortgage loans to its employees RUR 54.7m.

The balance sheet of PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” includes 30 standard hostel-houses for 3,600 young families.

Social Support to Veterans

The Company keeps caring for its ex-personnel. Board of Labor & War Veterans represents the interests of over 7,000 pensioners and associates with them on a daily basis. The ex-employees of PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” get monthly additional payments to their pensions from the Company Fund, extraordinary grants when retiring, gratifications on the Victory Day, National Defender Day, Elder People Day, Chemical Industry Day and personal jubilee dates. In 2008, 235 employees were given a title “Labour Veteran” of PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” who as per the current Regulation received an extraordinary grant in the amount of the Company average monthly wage, totalling RUR 6.4m. The last year retiring extraordinary grants amounted to RUR 102.4m. All pensioners apply through Medical Insurance Company “Salvation” for medical treatment to the Multi-Field Town Hospital No. 3 at the Company's expense, amounting to RUR 3m in 2008. They are also allotted reduced-price vouchers for sanatorium-and-spa treatment.

The Company pensioners are subscribed free of charge to the Company newspapers “Petrochemical Herald” (in Russian) and “Petrochemical Tribune” (in Tatar).
Beginning 2001, the NKNK-veterans receive a monthly supplemental payment from the National Non-Governmental Pension Fund, which one of the founders is PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” .

Youth Organization

The Company numbers 18,800 employees. The average age of the employees is 39.5 years. Young people aging up to 30 constitute 29.5% of the total personnel at PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” . Every year, NKNK manpower is added up due to the graduates from petrochemical-oriented educational institutions: the Kazan State Technological University, Nizhnekamsk Chemical-Engineering Institute, Nizhnekamsk Petrochemical College and Vocational Lycees No. 44 and No. 62. For many years, the Company supports these educational institutions, as well as 13 schools and an ecological-biological centre. In 2008, it allotted over RUR 7.5m to this end.
All young employees are assigned to the experienced employees, which enables them to faster adapt themselves to the production process. To get the young people involved in the dynamic production and social activities, to tackle the issues of young families, Youth Boards have been formed in the Company subdivisions.
To incentivize the young who attend educational institutions, the Company Management and Labor Union Committee have initiated educational name awards. 2008 totaled 192 awards of RUR 1,000 each.
Young employees, being back to the Company after their service in the Army, are paid an allowance of RUR 5,000; young families are granted loans. Last year loans to 200 families totaled RUR 10m.
Every year, the Company arranges contests of craftsmanship, art and amateur songs, tourist gatherings, martial-engineering relay race. NKNK young personnel in the context of "Remembrance Quests" participate in searching and reinterment of mortal remains of those Fallen in the Great Patriotic War. Twice a year, a search team "Petrochemist" sets off for an expedition to the places of bygone battles. A Panel Games Team of PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” , created in 2004, turns in a good performance at topside festivals and enjoys a status of the best among the Panel Games Teams of the Tatarstan Republic industrial enterprises.
At 2008 end, NKNK Youth Organization turned in a good score at the TR regular amateur talent festival of working young people. The Company team representing a chemical industry trade union won prizes in all nominations of the festival. Moreover, NKNK Youth Organization ranked first and was given a title “The Best Youth Organization of the Tatarstan Republic”.
Martial-Patriotic Club “Legacy” for teen-agers, formed in 2006 at the initiative of NKNK Youth Board, partakes in the National Program “Reserve Stock – Children of Motherland”.
The Company has set up a Personnel Training Centre for occupational training, retraining and advanced training which is licensed to train for 74 occupations, and had 6,461 workers trained, 690 executive employees and technicians advance-trained in 2008.

NKNK’s relief in the Family Year

In 2008 declared as the Family Year, charitable and sponsoring relief totaled over RUR 13,5m.
NKNK Management and Personnel rendered material assistance to the families with many children, broken families and young families facing hard living conditions, to families bringing up handicapped children and orphans; to the Company veterans, to the South Ossetia population and others. PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” took an active part in creating a TR charitable Web portal, in the action “Help to outfit for school” and others.
In the context of the Family Year, NKNK employees and their children were organized into diversified tournaments, cultural events and festivals: “Hearth and Home. We are happy together”, “My Family Tree”, “The Family’s Dear Nook”, “The Most-Active-in-Sports Family”, “From Heart to Heart” and others.