PJSC 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim'

Environmental protection



The activity of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim in environment protection Is up to the international standard ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and is focused on fulfillment of the Ecological policy accepted in 2003, the main goal being the maintenance of continuous development of the Company in conditions of intensive.

The Company has all necessary environmental constructions and all permits, licenses, approvals in the field of environmental control.

Environmental monitoring is carried out by the departmental laboratories accredited to the right of exercising control over emissions and state of environment.

In 2012, 76 actions were introduced within the framework of the Long-term Ecological Program and Environmental Management Plan, expenses reached 829 million rubles (including VAT).

34 actions were dedicated to decrease pollutant emissions in the atmosphere, including 15 of them aimed to decrease emissions of divinyl.

Waste flow quality improved in the systems of chemically contaminated sewerage and storm water collectors. That is proven by decrease of an impurity index down to 2.91.

A technical design assignment is issued to SoyuzChimProject (Kazan) to develop a revamp project for the industrial solid wastes landfill to meet the standard requirements. In 2012, waterproofing was reinforced in three checks with making use of a modern damp-proof chemically resistant geomembrane Carbofol. Specialized organizations were engaged to collect and take away 2.1 thousand cubic meter of oil slime. Conveyance capacity of the drain header was increased to pump drainage water from the territory of landfill to biological treatment plants (BTP). Overhaul cost for biological treatment plants amount to 26 million rubles.

Four cooling towers were repaired and put into operation with the purpose to raise efficiency of circulating water use at cost of 230 million rubles.

For the last ten years we decreased emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere 2-fold; for the last three years the quantity of sewage water discharged to the water reservoirs was reduced by 5 million cubic meters.

Since June, 2008 we operate an automated air monitoring system: 4 fixed monitoring stations are installed around the periphery of industrial area and in the sanitary protection zone. Over the 2011-2012 period an automated monitoring system was commissioned to monitor quality of the waste waters discharged from the Propylene Oxide and Styrene joint production unit and from the Isoprene-monomer.

In line with monitoring system upgrading program the commercial laboratory at the Technical Control Division was retrofitted with a mass-spectrometer in 2011. It allowed to master more sensitive methods of defining top-priority pollutants, from the point of view of an estimation of risk to a population health (butadiene, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide) in 2012.

The great attention is given to an effective utilization of lands. For example, without allocation of additional plot of land a new ABS-plastics unit of 60 thousand tons a year production capacity was erected in 2012.

In 2012, the Czech Quality Association carried out a recertifying audit and issued a new certificate with validity up to March 28, 2015.